Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving on


So I didn't get the job. I sent a late application last week for a position at FT magazine How to Spend It, took a test, and was interviewed on the phone by the editor herself. In the end I didn't get it (no, not because I look fat; that's just my t-shirt). I guess that's life. There will be something even better soon enough.

Sheer tee, Oxygen
Long-sleeved tee, G2000
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Nylon sneakers, Acne x Tretorn
Backpack, thrifted


In the meantime, time for more weekend fun! Need to go back to Divisoria and Quiapo, which I sorely miss, to get some stuff.


Think I need to plan some trips, to learn to relax. When I was a kid, during summer vacation, I'd sleep over at an aunt's house for a week, then at my grandmother's the next, then another aunt's for one or two more weeks. I still love being out and about. I miss travelling.


I also think I need a more permanent change of scene, but maybe not just yet.


Something that will allow me to live (not just visit) in various cities. Yeah, that would be perfect.


Until then, see you around!




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