Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My flood-dyed pants


Say hello to my "new" DIY jeans. The jeans themselves are not new; last time I used them was in secondary school. How did I bleach them? Not with any kind of detergent. The vital ingredient is called Ondoy, internationally known as Ketsana.

Jacket, Penshoppe
Short-sleeved shirt, Ben Sherman
DIY "tie-dyed" jeans, Guess x Ondoy
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Camo tote, thrifted


Our house in Quezon City was flooded up to the second floor. The room my brother and I grew up in was downstairs. When we returned to survey the damage, I found my navy jeans a lighter shade of indigo, with patterns that remind me of leaves and hibiscus. Naturally, I paired them with another pattern: the Union Jack and British crests mixed into checks.


I'm tired of carrying my totes on my shoulders. Why not on my neck? Why not incorporate them into jackets via detachable fasteners and buttons?


The pattern up close. Notice the subtle ombre effect.


The fourth pattern in my look: blue and white flowers.


What do you call this camouflage pattern? Only recently did I discover that just as leopard spots are different from cheetah markings, camo can come in many many patterns, such as lizard, lime, heck even scrambled egg. Quack quack.

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ego said...

Whoa, thats a great camo bag! I want. :D Nice visiting back ur blog.