Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking it easy


Good morning! This is what I wore last Saturday, when I was finally (I think) able to shake off the cold that consumed me while I was in Hong Kong. It was a warm day, so I opted for these loose trousers whose striped print gives the illusion of pleats.

Polo shirt, British India
Trousers, Don Protasio
Leopard print sneakers, Hyoma, thrifted
Shoulder bag, American Eagle, thrifted
Vintage watch, Omega Seamaster


I have decided to take things easier on myself this year (I know it is late to say "this year" when it is already March), compared to 2011 when I could hardly stop to take a breath between the things I was busy with. First off, I am going to postpone full-collection releases from Bosquejo until I am fully satisfied with the materials. Need to do research and collaborate with metalsmiths. In the meantime, I will continue to reproduce what is available on the website and cater to one-off requests. Second, as you may have noticed, I will be spending more time on the improvement of this page. Third, need to catch up on my reading and writing. Need to let more sunlight in.


It was hot last Saturday, yes, but that didn't stop me from feeling all warm and fuzzy.


I can imagine this pair growing their own mouths and feet, and sneaking away from me the moment I take them off.


Wearing this out again: a watch owned by my grandfather. It is covered with patina on some parts, but still good.


Johnny Denim said...

That bag! I want it.. hehe.

I'd like to nato the sh*t out of that awesome watch :)

imongerz said...

i agree, johnny denim! where do you hunt for those thrifted bags?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

At Makati Cinema Square: the store fronting it.