Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent: La Nuit de l'Homme Le Parfum


This is my first men's scent review (pardon the thumb marks, I was busy with my paintbrush right before I took these pictures). I let a few months pass before I bought another scent to replace the previous one I used, Chanel's Allure Homme. I sampled several last December but wasn't able to decide. When I smelled YSL's La Nuit de l'Homme Le Parfum last week, I immediately knew that it was the right one. I've only used it for a few days (both for night and day), and I still get surprised when I get a whiff of it from myself, thinking that it came from somebody else.

The impact is immediate, deep and sensual. The same feeling you get when, waiting at a candle-lit table, you recognize the love of your life enter from the opposite side of the room.


Just as you feel a tingle of tension when contrasting emotions mix, YSL's La Nuit de l'Homme Le Parfum first invites the nose with bergamot, anise, and black pepper before it seduces you with lavender and french labdanum, until it finally ravishes you with vetiver, patchouli, and vanille. The Le Parfum version is the latest in the La Nuit de l'Homme series. The early eau de toilette edition had cardamom and cedar.


Some may find it too feminine, but I think the perfume's mystery comes from its contradictions: the light introduction giving way to something woody and masculine. The lasting smell, or what is called the drydown, is a little more mellow, but still insistent, like a steady flame.

Some people wear scents according to their mood, with several to choose from for different occasions and the different parts of the day. But I have a feeling that when it comes to scents, I prefer to be monogamous, smelling my way through a 100mL relationship to verify if it deserves longer, or even perhaps a lifetime.