Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fringe of leaves


Finally got the chance to wear my patched-up jeans. Don't ask me how I managed to rip them.


While I was dressing up today, I had the crazy idea of wearing a policeman's cap —if ever I had one. But that would have been redundant.

Tee, cK Calvin Klein
Nantucket jeans, Topman
Braided belt, Nautica
Sneakers, Generic Surplus
Cap, thrifted
Watch, Tissot


Took advantage of the afternoon light just to show you my bum. No, you still can't see it?


Seen straight on, the patch looks indecent. Or is it just me? I know I've been a very bad boy...


But enough of that. I need to seriously think about my hair. Want to grow it long, but then it's summer and it's not practical so I may just crop it really really short.


What do you think?


Now it's just mid-length. But then again, I have so much to write this week that I may not even touch it. How about a tattoo then? Haha. Something like the shadow of leaves on my right arm?

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Anonymous said...

i must say, being rugged fits's nice to sometimes see the other side of u.