Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 days, 5 ways: Francis Libiran x Myth, part 1 day 3


Because I have a day job that has a dress code, it only makes sense that I suggest officewear options for this shirt. Matched  the gray checkered portion on the sleeves with similarly colored trousers.


Many of you may know just how much I love jackets, cardigans, and pullovers, but I have decided to mostly pass on them for these outfits so that the sleeve pattern shows. Hence, I wore this pullover as a scarf instead.


Of course, officewear doesn't have to be all drab and boring.

Shirt, Francis Libiran for Myth, courtesy of Myth
Trousers, Zara, thrifted
Skinny belt, A.P.C.
Pullover, Gap
Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company
Shoes, Cole Haan


Houston, we have a problem. Seems I may be losing more hair than I should. Will post something about shampoo, product, genes, and old age (ha!) soon... Recommendations most welcome!


Though I totally forgot to incorporate neckties in this shoot. Somehow I felt that they weren't called for. (Sockless forever!)


Sometimes (just a few times), I forget I am thirty years old... 

Can you see the micro-checks on the sleeves and around the top collar button?


We may take them for granted, but vertical creases on pants make them more interesting.


Hope you liked this ensemble!

Photography by Ash Abalos

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