Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 days, 5 ways: Francis Libiran x Myth, part 1 day 4


I thought the weekend would never arrive! So here's a post shot in an apartment in the afternoon, one of my favorite parts of the day.


All I need is some quiet and a book.


As you've noticed, I just switched the shirt and the pullover from the last post, wearing the striped jumper inside. As some of you may have noticed, I've grown fond of wearing them inside short-sleeved shirts.


Shirt, Francis Libiran for Myth, courtesy of Myth
Pullover, Gap
Jeans, cK Calvin Klein
Bag, American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted
Sneakers, thrifted


Lately, I've wanted to do so many things during the weekend, that I end up doing nothing. Well, not really: rest and reading and writing are really my priorities.


Saturday and Sunday just feel so incredibly liberating. To be finally able to do what I really want during the short weekly respite! Any well laid-out plan becomes irrelevant.


Of course, regret comes after. That is why I am now rushing to finish this post so I will be able to drop by at a few events tonight.


After all, rest and reading and writing are all done anyway in pockets across the week. I just hope every weekend proves to be more productive.

Photography by Ash Abalos

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Anonymous said...

hey i'm glad u look fresh again :)