Saturday, June 30, 2012

A day before July


Today could be just like any other day, no different from a day before January or September. But today, I will be submitting English translations for my last posts on my Benetton blog — well at least for this year. Been writing for them for three years already. Now it may be time again to find my own voice, maybe through another blog. How does Bosquejo Viaje sound to you?


Today is also a few days before my colleague, friend, designer (Bosquejo website and calling card), and ever-reliable photographer Trish will be leaving the country to begin a new life. Remember all my cameos in random places in Makati? That was her.

Don't you love this silver t-shirt? They were made by my friends Karl and Mike of Paradigm Shift.

Tee, Paradigm Shift 
Jeans, Topman
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Bag, Fred Perry
Steel Bard necklace, Bosquejo


So how am I this last day of June, a seemingly normal day before July? Was promoted at work, but just also settled part of a huge phone bill followed by a stressful argument with Globe agents. Enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man last night, but right now all I need is stillness and quiet. 

Things are a mix, just like this mismatched pair of Doc Martens. Only noticed when I got home that the faux croc patterns were different, but decided to keep the confused pair.

I'm still writing poetry, will make more accessories soon, and am very excited to plan travels around the country not only to take pictures but also to take everything in: to see with clear eyes and burn visions on paper.


inkarlcerating said...

hotttt! lol
thanks migs

Mauro E. said...

those shoes are great, that jeans is fab and that tshirt is incred. Love this outfit... or I should say: I love all ur outfits


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Mauro!

cheap prom dresses said...

hey! I haven't read the post until today... And, dear Miguel Paolo, I was in the original group too :'(

Well I just wanna say hi and congratulations, I've just loved your pics <3

Leather Jackets said...

Your blog is amazing! Love your style!

ONAI said...

Nice pants. I loathe thos from Topman. Too bad I couldn't find them anymore. ;(

ONAI said...

oh I love the necklace too... was hoping to get one from your sale last December at that Jupiter sale, missed it for a day then. Maybe luck for me some other time. Cheers and have a happy new one. Did you actually move to new blog by now?