Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boots and denim


Last day in Hong Kong. Apologies for the out-of-focus pictures. Dropped by my aunt's place before I left.

Denim jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw
Tee, Rogan
Jeans, A.P.C.
Belt, Nautica
Boots, Timberland, thrifted
Scarf, thrifted


Also making a cameo are my aunt's (freshly groomed) Shih Tzus, Chianti and Daiquiri. Yes, named after drinks. They weren't looking out for other dogs, but waiting for passersby to pet them.


Also wanted to show you more details of my denim jacket, which can be adjusted both on the hem and at the back (the vents can be unbuttoned for more space).

It felt strange wearing denim instead of wool or down, like most other residents. It was winter still after all. Though I did find company, when I saw one other guy who also used denim for layering.


I found it ingenious that Rick Owens attached a strip of fabric inside the jacket, to be used to hang it on your shoulder, much like a bag, when not worn.


The label. I browsed through his coffee table book, which is big enough to be used as an actual coffee table top. Also read more about his wife and collaborator, Michèle Lamy, in the latest issue of Industrie. I love how they work with ideas and references to build an aesthetic unique enough not to require any advertising.


My old Timberland boots. Used them instead of the new Bikkembergs since they are heavier and I was afraid of excess baggage. (First flight in years that I didn't pay any excess fees!) Do you think I should clean and wax them or is this look better?


I miss Hong Kong already. Next time I visit, I'll make sure to drop by lesser-known stores and other local haunts. Till then!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Street style: Belted coat, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Kalvin stopped me on the street while I was taking pictures of the crowd passing through Causeway Bay. He said he had come across my blog through another site. So of course, we chatted and I took his picture.

He was just wearing jeans and a long-sleeved white tee, but he finished off the look nicely with a coat tied nonchalantly as you would a bathrobe. Dress shoes would have been expected, but his choice of leather trainers made his outfit more personal. Something different in a sea of puffer vests and jackets.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Monocle Shop, Hong Kong


Loaded these photos from Saturday on Sunday, but am writing about them now, early Monday morning. Back in Manila. The Monocle Shop in Wan Chai was one of the last places I visited in Hong Kong. It is near the edge of Wan Chai, nearer to the Admiralty MTR station.


The shop/bureau bears the meticulous touch Tyler Brûlé brings to branding, since he is after all, also at the helm of Winkreative, a branding, design, and content consultancy.



Sold at the shop are back issues and the wide variety of product collaborations Monocle has done with different types of brands.


I was most drawn to the leather items on display, like this Ganzo travel wallet.


I swear, I remember seeing Monocle's first issue at Booksale. At Booksale! I thought it odd then, but certainly witty to have a flying cover story for the launch issue. I still regret not buying. It now sells for HKD1,200 at The Monocle Shop.


A lamp and a notebook.


Coin purses and stationery.


A scented candle and matches. Of course I left my card. Chatted quite a bit with Juliet, who was at the shop. She even looked at my accessories online. Too bad I wasn't able to return. The bureau right behind the shop (separated only by a wooden sliding door) was so cozy, I could imagine plopping myself on the couch and reading a book.


Soap by a collaboration woth Matsuyama.


The clothes were gorgeous. The cuts used were deceptively simple, but the fabrics were top-notch.


I was thinking about buying these leather cuerita slippers by a collaboration with La Portegna. Of course I was imagining wearing them outdoors.



Obligatory tourist pic, haha. Don't you just love the screened-in cement steps? Almost like a garage, or backyard.


So they also sell prints and music.


Jacket, 5cm
Polo shirt, Y-3
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Jeans, A.P.C.
Bag, Fred Perry
Boots, Dirk Bikkembergs
Scarf, thrifted

Cameo photos by Ricky Villabona


This is the third time I've used my A.P.C.s. Still cringe at the thought of an entire year of not washing. Even so, I want more of the brand's raw denim!


A.P.C.'s Petit Standard and New Cure version will surely fit better into my boots.


After passing through the multiple fashion floors of Horizon Plaza at Ap Lei Chau, finally found myself a camera bag. Good since it has multiple compartments to separate my 60D from the rest of my stuff, and its leather seems sturdy.


I'll see you again very very soon, I'm sure.


Didn't buy any clothing or accessories, but I came home with three back issues, which sold for double the current one. (These are equivalent in price to new issues sold here in Manila.) Each magazine came in an envelope printed with patterns that I can imagine on neckties and scarves.


The cute paper bag and the last night in my hotel room.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of hats and magazines


This the is hat installation in front of Times Square, Causeway Bay. The hanging lights change in color. This was me after work, trying to squeeze out the most out of Friday night.

Jacket, Muji
Tee, This is not a Polo Shirt by Band of Outsiders
Trousers, Y-3
Belt, Brave Beltoworks
Laceups, Marlboro Classics
Briefcase, Bally
Scarf, thrifted

Cameo photo by Ricky Villabona


I have been able to get some good shots on my street style blog, La Folie Douce, and my photo diary, Draft of Shadows, in the last few days. Hope to get more today and tomorrow.


Today will be crazy. Will be trying to squeeze in lots of places to my itinerary.


But hopefully not as crazy as my big magazine purchase yesterday. I found this shop in Worldwide Plaze that sold both back issues and new releases. The hoarder in me couldn't help it.


Now I have to figure out how to bring this home, since they weigh more than 10 kilos.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Denim on denim on denim


This was what I was wearing yesterday to work and to games of darts with colleagues last night. Though by then I already removed the jacket since it got warmer. (This was taken just beside The Center, where I report for work.)


Last day of work today! Then I have two days to play before I go home Sunday night.


Jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw
Henley, Zara
Shirt, Topman
Jeans, A.P.C. New Standard
Belt, Nautica
Boots, Dirk Bikkembers
Tote, thrifted

Cameo photos by Francis Acosta


Funny, one of my colleagues tapped me on the shoulder right after I took this shot. Didn't think to explain what a menswear style blog was.


These boots are so comfortable to walk/run in. Two days of use and they already have a few scratches. War marks!


It would probably have been better if I didn't wear the striped henley above, and not even the denim jacket. Maybe just this and something else. Must try triple denim again, but more subtly.


I am loving these jeans. Right now I am still not convinced that one needs just one pair. Am still seriously thinking about getting the slimmer version (Petite Standard).


Now this came from the pair's back pocket. Do any of you A.P.C. fans use any of the washing methods? I've long been hearing about how you're not supposed to wash these jeans for six months or even as long as a year so that the unwashed denim stretches out and adjusts to your own body, besides of course, bearing one's personal dirt and stain marks.


Frankly, the thought is disturbing to Filipinos like me who have made it a habit to take a shower twice a day. I can just imagine how sticky the jeans will be in a tropical country. But let's see.

In bubble wrap is an all-natural concoction I also bought at A.P.C.: a mix of lemon and other oils and ingredients (no detergent) recommended for use for washing their jeans, and even recommended for wool. (Will show you when I get back and have unpacked.)


For now, back to fun!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hong Kong nights


Seems strange to be here again for work. Five years ago, I was editing articles and writing reviews for a magazine based somewhere along Wyndham Road. Now I am a few streets parallel and one across, this time for a financial paper.

Jacket, Muji
Sweater, Zasum from Mundo
Sheer shirt, thrifted
Jeans, Topman
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Scarf from Mindanao
Briefcase, Bally
Sneakers, Jil Sander


Still, I enjoy the crowded streets, the rush of people, the buzzing sound of commerce and industry. And of course, the shopping.


Since Sunday I have been doing the rounds, passing by and trying out clothes and shoes from my favorite haunts. Most are still there. Many still excite me. And again, I am sent into thinking that maybe it would be nice to live and work here on a more permanent basis.


What would occupy my Hong Kong days and nights, besides work and shopping? On Sunday and Monday, I was able to chat with two Filipinos who were total strangers. (Familiarity is thick enough to be smelled, like the steam that rises from burger grills and laundry presses.) I instantly felt their warmth and kindess (one gave me a packaged dessert, the other, extra fries). But still, I felt far away.


Like all my things have been packed into one bag, ready to be brought to the next destination.


Though now I think, this may just be the thing that I need: to walk away for a bit. Travel and live somewhere else, at different places, and with different people.


Still rushing through busy streets or wandering through narrow roads. Learning more about myself through what I am not.

Cameos by Francis Acosta