Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fringe of leaves


Finally got the chance to wear my patched-up jeans. Don't ask me how I managed to rip them.


While I was dressing up today, I had the crazy idea of wearing a policeman's cap —if ever I had one. But that would have been redundant.

Tee, cK Calvin Klein
Nantucket jeans, Topman
Braided belt, Nautica
Sneakers, Generic Surplus
Cap, thrifted
Watch, Tissot


Took advantage of the afternoon light just to show you my bum. No, you still can't see it?


Seen straight on, the patch looks indecent. Or is it just me? I know I've been a very bad boy...


But enough of that. I need to seriously think about my hair. Want to grow it long, but then it's summer and it's not practical so I may just crop it really really short.


What do you think?


Now it's just mid-length. But then again, I have so much to write this week that I may not even touch it. How about a tattoo then? Haha. Something like the shadow of leaves on my right arm?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's in My Bag, part V: mesh Benetton tote


Those who know me know that I always lug lots of stuff. One bag is never enough: I carry at least two, sometimes even three. Because cramming is my way of life, I always have my mobile in my hand. If I'm not checking or drafting emails, I am checking/updating my schedule or writing out a poem or finishing a blog post. That is why I need bags that hang from my shoulders, to keep my hands free (backpacks are not that practical for summer). Often my second bag is a tote.

What's inside? Most often my basic combination of books, magazines, and a notebook. Sometimes I carry my point and shoot instead of my heavy DSLR. That's why this new mesh tote by Benetton, in fresh summer colors, is perfect for my needs. (The belt is only there because it matches the tote.)

Counter-clockwise from top left: Fantastic Man No 15, The Gentlewoman No 5, Monocle April 2012, Canon G10, 'What Goes On' by Stephen Dunn, 'Palace Walk' by Naguib Mahfouz (volume one in the Cairo Trilogy), Vault Issue 004, Benetton phone case, Author's small unlined leather notebook, A.P.C. belt, Benetton tote


Sometimes I also toss my mobile into my tote, especially when the jeep is crowded and I can't return it inside my pocket. This knit case from Benetton fits my iPhone 4S just right.

So why, you ask, do I have to bring all these readings on a day-to-day basis? Simply because I don't like wasting time; I don't like idle waiting. But then again, I often catch myself pursuing a thought or being distracted by the outside world — too busy to bother with magazines and books.


Apologies for the way I look. This is how messy I get when I spend days on end doing nothing but writing. Good thing I even managed to shave.

Jacket, Sisley
Shirt, thrifted
Trousers, Gas
Belt, A.P.C.
Satchel, Young Camel, thrifted
Tote, United Colors of Benetton

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The nitty-gritty


This was taken last week in another part of our untidy backyard. (Don't know why we still keep the old water containers, but thought they'd look good with polka dots.) The past few weeks have been about the details, as I have been trying to finally finish a series of poems that I have been writing for the past eight years. I have no more excuses. If I am to finish them, it should be soon.

Shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans, thrifted
Jeans, Maison Martin Margiela
Viscose scarf from Mindanao
Espadrilles from Aldivinco, Davao


Which is not to say that I am enjoying the process. I have finally accepted (A voice says: Are you sure? Another: Keep quiet; I'm trying to be decisive here.), after almost a decade of distractions, that this is my one enduring passion. As such, it occupies most of my time: filling my thoughts, inspiring ideas, giving me perspective. (It's also fun to be anonymous and absent.) Challenging me the most. This blog serves as a breather, a quick sidelong glance. (And the rest? Don't even ask.)


In this way - yes, wait for it - I guess my April Fool's "in a relationship" Facebook joke (considered serious in this day and age) was half-meant. I am tied to the dirt of the details.


My pen is not just my sword (sounds like a testament), it is my shovel (channeling Heaney) or as I would randomly put it: my pick-chisel-flashlight. But as of the moment, as I embark on an itinerary of memories and ideas, I most urgently need it as a walking stick.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Five looks for Men of Ilk

Received an email 10 days ago from the people at Men of Ilk, a new menswear online store based in the UK. They asked me to spread the word about their site. I looked at the products they had on sale and was hooked, so I agreed.

Here are five lookbooks I have come up with from their stuff. They're not moodboards because I didn't have anything in mind when I was making them. These are outfits I'd put together for myself. Hope you enjoy, and of course, shop. As readers of this blog, you are entitled to a special 15% discount. Just use this code when you check out: ELBOSQ15.


Parka, NORSEA Rudda Zip kagoule; sweater, DS DUNDEE grey Shetland Fairsale v-neck OR ribbed knit, GANT RUGGER cotton silk crew in citrus yellow; shirt, GANT RUGGER dreamy oxford in white; trousers, MINIMUM Kerry chinos in baked clay; boots, CLIP & ROPE The Scriptum Boot


Windbreaker, PUMA by HUSSEIN CHALAYAN sail print wind jacket; sweater, DS DUNDEE blue Shetland Fairsale v-neck; shirt, DS DUNDEE painter's pocket shirt in indigo; trousers, MINIMUM Kerry chinos in baked clay; boots, CLIP & ROPE The Yuba Boot


Parka, NORSEA Rudda kagoule in washed orange; sweater, SVENSSON cloud cashmere crew in off-white; shirt, LJUNG Stefan denim in dark indigo; sweatpants, REIGNING CHAMP herringbone sweatpants in grey; sneakers, PUMA Dassler Ansbach


Windbreaker, MINIMUM Gabe jacket in wind blue; cardigan, DS DUNDEE Kilmartin cardigan in sandstone; shirt, MINIMUM Odin denim shirt; trousers, MINIMUM Elton cashew chinos; sneakers, PUMA Dassler Ansbach in white


Shirt, DS DUNDEE painter's pocket shirt in navy; sweater, GANT RUGGER cable knit OR SVENSSON cloud cashmere crew in navy; trousers, MINIMUM Kerry chinos in empire blue; boots, CLIP & ROPE The Rowdy Boot