Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An end to love, part 2


Let love end which has nothing to profess,
that love with the sweetest of lips whose vows
are tangled with thorns and caresses mistaken for roses.


Let love never come if it knows not how to wait.
If it devours every hour and drains every minute, plucking 
flowers. Fallow of fruit, let this love be pruned.


Let love that gazes dearly at itself sink deeper in its own foliage,
where no light awakens it from its bliss. Let love not hide
in its own assurances. Let it end if love cannot stand naked.


No need for love to confess betrayal's secrets. Love is longer than sadness.
But let not love be the salve for the wound that cleaves you in half.
Let love end and let me begin anew. Maybe then forgiveness will bloom.


Let love not demand, like vines creeping fully to the crown,
seeking always for an overflowing cup of sun. Let love be that last 
drop of joy in our dark well. Let it be laughter that fills our house.


Yes, let love end yet let it also always begin. Let it come with no plot,
no scheme. Let love surprise you like the arrival of spring.
Let them all end, the stories of love in your heart. Let a new one be written.


Sweater, Forever 21
Shorts, Topman
Socks, Uniqlo
Henley, G2000
Lace-ups, Doc Martens


Photographs by Jullian Mendoza


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john gallagher jr. said...

Amazing. This killed Shakespearean sonnets...lol. amazing