Monday, December 9, 2013

December rain


Must have been the first time it rained this month last night. Not much. Just enough to make the breeze a little bit colder.


It's my birthday week again, after which I'll be older than the largest number in the calendar.


I know it seems strange, but I can't help being morbid thinking about mortality during the festive holiday season.


I should be doubly happy but instead I'm filled with dread.


I know I'm not the only person above 30 who's no longer excited to celebrate birthdays. In fact, I prefer it to be quiet. Amid the din of carols.


I know you must be wondering what on earth I'm wearing. Long story short: a friend was asking for a necklace to be worn during a party. Specs: something thin and simple, to be worn with shirt unbottoned. Naturally, I couldn't help but play dress up just to show him  jacket, scarf, skirt and all.


When everything was on, I felt like playing flight attendant demonstrating how to fasten seat belts.


Sometimes I feel I need to pull on something just to get some oxygen.


To clear out my own space. Through a slit of things.

This multi-purpose skirt was made by my designer friends, Karl and Mike of Paradigm Shift.

Jacket, Corn Flake, thrifted
Shirt, Zara
Scarf, thrifted
Boots, Timberland, thrifted
Necklaces, DIY
Clutch, Crystal Seas


Even if I'm a blogger, I've always wanted to be anonymous, nameless. To not carry any baggage so I can move quietly through the thick of things.


Whenever I wear this skirt, or my fisherman's pants, I need to bring a small bag because flimsy pockets cannot hold my things. This Crystal Seas 'clutch' was repurposed from a purse, sans strap. Made of tilapia leather.


Even after flashing my chicken legs, believe it or not, I'm actually quite shy and very introverted.


I've never belonged in fashion or to anything so public.


I love and cherish my (very few) friends, but my favorite time is still by myself.


There is a din of conversations inside.

Photos by Sherwin Chua

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What big feet you have.