Monday, January 27, 2014

On the dot


On the red dot, to be more precise. I know I shouldn't have had these pics taken with a big zit right smack on the center of my nose, but I just wanted to share what I did and wore yesterday.


Heck, some people wouldn't even go out of their house. But it was family day and I really wanted to see my nephew (my parents' first grandchild).


No amount of hiding would have spared me the shame (not that I have much of that to begin with).


I couldn't slice it off with the triple-razor necklace I made just that morning (which I, by the way, still sell).


Even the funny little furball named Whiskey  who sat in front of me while Ate Lalin had to suddenly rush inside the house mid-shoot was eyeing me disapprovingly. So I meowed (I do a good meow) that distracted the vain bugger.


Looked the other way and tried to throw my voice, ventriloquist-style.

Tee, Folded & Hung
Cargo pants, Izzue
Orange braided belt, A.P.C.
Traditional cloth bag from Bangkok


Made tapping sounds with my lovely new-old sneaks I thrifted last Saturday to complete the ruse.


Poor Whiskey thought there was a hot cat on the tin roof.


Then I tried clinking the stainless steel razors for further distraction.


The necklace, by the way, also has a name: Dirae, one of the names of the Furies in mythology.


But it only took hard-to-please Whiskey, who on the record has yet to allow me to pet him, less than a minute to look away in disinterest.


Anyway, as I was saying: Sunday. I felt thrilled to finally see my sister's son, who was so small and fragile. He was smiling in his sleep, toothless. 


I noticed his long and slender fingers, which my Dad said meant that he would be an artist. You know how happy first-time grandparents are: prophesying like fairy godmothers.


My feelings shifted from sentimental to possessive, imagining what it would be like to be the little baby's godfather. 


Remembering my own childhood, I wouldn't want to impose anything. My thoughts didn't even have a chance to race ahead and imagine a career for my nephew.


I was still a bit stunned by the miracle of life. Big words, I know. Like hope, and love, and faith. All there in Elion's cradle.

In any case, he will grow up to have a mind of his own. One day to decide what to do with the miracle of life.


So many fuzzy and snuggly feelings in one day. I almost felt Whiskey saying: this too shall pass.


Before we know it, the baby will grow up into a kid and then into an adolescent cursed with zits.

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