Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Playing around


I must admit that even I find a little surprising the extra attention this page and my pictures have been getting given the unexpected (if only suggested) exposure a few posts back. Given everything on the internet that holds nothing back.


True, the prose and verse written sound as playful as I may look.


But as my friends may tell you, even when I am laughing, I am dead serious.


I have told you, my readers, in the span of less than two months things deeply personal. Even if it may seem that I have kept on laughing entering hell and on the journey back.


And what if I really had?


But anyway, what of that? Maybe in some future time, I will unravel these confidences and really tell you more about myself.


In the meantime, here is my monkey face. Served not with a single dash of insult.


More with additional apology that these posts have all sounded so heavy.


For those that care to hear, this is me in my naked voice. No checkerboard of offences and defences.


Nearly, but still a bit off, finding its way back.

Silk pullover, Azalea, thrifted
Shirt, Dunhill
Jeans, Topman
Sneakers, Converse

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're now okay after your vacation down south. Take Care miggy!