Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Summer blue


Even though I've so far enjoyed the colder-than-usual weather (hint: thin layering), I kinda miss the full warmth (not excessive, mind you) of summer. The bright sun and the rich blue of the sea.

The 'jacket' I'm wearing is actually a Japanese yukata, or a men's kimono. It's been a while, too, since I've worn this pair of jeans.


Wouldn't have actually worn a shirt underneath, if not for the dress code at work. Yeah, yeah, am cheating with the jeans.


Shirt, Zara, thrifted
Striped henley, Zara
Jeans from People are People
Skinny belt, A.P.C.
Yukata, thrifted
Laceups, Doc Martens
Striped socks (not seen), Bossini
Gym bag, Eighty Ninety, thrifted


Seeing my new-old bag on this bamboo bench brings back memories of lounging on the beach.


By lounging, I mean: napping in between reading chapters of a novel.


But until I hit the waters again, won't be complaining because I get to wear my jackets longer into the day.

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