Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A lighter load


On leave today, looking after a friend. Took these pics last Sunday, before taking off for Sunday work.

Tee from People are People (I think)
Jeans Tru by Trussardi
Braided green and orange belt, A.P.C.
Sneakers, Bass
Backpack, Zara, thrifted
Watch with braided strap, Guess


Bought this multi-pocket canvas backpack a long time ago, but was only able to take it out that day - one of the few days I didn't need an accompanying tote since the bag was more than enough for camera, food, lunch, an umbrella, and my usual essentials.


Our modest garden sunning.


No, I didn't really wear this beanie under the warm weather. (Need a haircut for the suddenly-here summer.)


Especially since I like walking to work. (The local fire station I pass by every day.)


Still road testing these bracelets for my Bosquejo label, with the first release made of tiger's eye, gold, jasper, and wood. All in earth tones.


It was a shame that I wasn't able to use this beanie while it was actually a bit colder. Maybe I'll try out some more season-appropriate head wear.


Summer is definitely here!


A few pics of the Zara backpack I thrifted, tired as I was after Sunday overtime.


Don't you just love straps!


Caption: exhausted, time for my autopsy.


At first I thought many of the details were superficial, but really quite necessary for me to be able to carry more things with the straps not suddenly unstrapping.


Happy Tuesday!

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