Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A line runs through it


Seasonally speaking, this first picture is awkward: my hair between just-right and too long, me holding a cap-turned-visor and wearing sneakers, me wearing a coat that is mid-length between jacket and trench which with my shirt is folded up to the elbow. Not to mention the dry and greenish leaves in the background. What's going on?


Besides Manila's usual iffy weather (celebrations of summer interrupted by clouds), it's Valentine's week. (Yes, for some couples it takes that long to prepare. In cameo on my cameo: Brandy the cat.)


Mind you, I'm not into segregating the singles from the couples. I say both singlehood and partnership are both very complicated.

Jacket, Iñigo Jones, thrifted
Shirt, Costume National
Trousers, 8mm x Workshop
Sneakers, Arnold Palmer, thrifted
Cap, Armani Exchange
Skinny belt (barely seen), A.P.C.


The same goes for the cat/dog-lover division: every caring and attentive pet owner knows that cats have very different personalities, just as do dogs. 


What I'm trying to say is, even if I'm very sure of my commitment and my feelings, they float like a solid boat on an uncertain sea.


Which is not to say that I'm not very happy.


I still see myself, every single day, looking into the future growing old with you. Wrinkling my face with both worry and laughter.


Which is to forever say: hats (or caps) off to love, which has and always will make the world go round.


At least according to Euclid.

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