Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beige, wood, and gold


I know. I'm getting fat, my hair is unkempt, and I have an unfailing acne problem. But hey, it's Valentine's tomorrow. One of the year's special days when we look beyond our flaws.


As I type this just after finishing my work, I have the unique dilemma of deciding between a visit to the gym or to the salon. Yes: vanity problems.


Not that I let anything get to me. Even if my scarf is for someone taller than me.

Cable knit cardigan, Uniqlo
Perforated polo shirt, Lumiere, thrifted
Trousers, Y-3
Belt, Liz Claiborne Sport, thrifted
Scarf, United Colors of Benetton
Espadrilles bought from Aldivinco, Davao
Vintage watch, Omega
Wood and gold bracelet, Bosquejo


But don't you just love the pearly buttons on this polo shirt? Or the holes (through finely knit cotton) that appear as printed from afar? As I said: look beyond.


Though I must admit that I am getting sick of my barbershop hair.


Which could be remedied by a long scar-cum-turban.


No Voldemort there. Just good and happy thoughts.


I know it's funny that the pieces I'm wearing are meant for different seasons. Don't worry, the cardie is just for the office. (Thank goodness it didn't rain on my cork-soled espadrilles!)


All I could do to commemorate summer is to raise each of my espadrilled feet.


As if I weren't wearing any trousers and just absent-mindedly strolling on the beach.


Wooden mural care of old wood replaced from the house's ceiling. See the rain marks?


A closer look at the wood and gold bracelet I'm wearing.


And two more that I've (first) created for myself.


But of course will be sharing with you very very soon via Bosquejo.

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