Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Denim blues


This morning was blessed with a short and pleasant shower of rain. Before going to work I thought the gloom would drag the entire day through an uncertain gray. But looking out wide office windows, my distress quickly melts.


Now my sights are firmly set to the sea. Vacation! It's been months since I last lounged on the beach.


I thrifted this short-sleeved shirt a long time ago, not sure whether the bottom part, clearly uneven, was intentionally bleached.

Shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans, thrifted
Jeans, Gap
Denim jacket, Cyber Jeans, thrifted
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander


If only I could always be as blue and decisive as the ocean.


But then I would certainly be unmanageable – not just with outbursts of happiness or depression, but a steady self-destruction.


As is, I am thankful for the moments of absolute lucidity.


Especially now that I am once again shedding – not just clothes, but defences.


I need the time and patience (with myself) to keep steady. Then maybe once I get the hang of things, once again ride the waves.

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