Thursday, February 20, 2014

My tie-dyed past


I was planning to wear something different the other night for yesterday’s outfit (traded jacket for sweater), but one can’t really say what will happen until it does.


I’ve worn these jeans on the blog before, and said that the resulting hibiscus-like print wasn’t intentional. But I haven’t really told the entire story behind nature’s DIY.

Sweater, Gap
Moon and fish (?) print shirt, HOM, thrifted
DIY tie-dyed jeans, Guess
Floral print sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Striped socks, Uniqlo


I left the jeans in the house I grew up in, which was heavily flooded.


The storm’s name was Ondoy, aka Ketsana.


The typhoon hit full swing right after I got out of work. It was Saturday noon.


You see, I rushed out, through the flood, to meet somebody.


It was the peak of a three-week fling.


What I didn’t expect, as I have written in a poem, was that I would fall for him.


Not that the wound is still fresh, or that I would give that somebody a second chance.


The memory has long faded. What I have left is the poem, the name of a scent, and these jeans.


Yes, I admit, sometimes I still wonder where he could be. But no, it doesn’t matter whether he also remembers me.


Most stains are ugly. If for anything, I am glad that the pattern on my jeans look nicer than whatever has faded from memory.


I've long thrown away the soaked magazines.

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