Friday, February 21, 2014

On a clear day...


Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve thought about/through things so clearly. Mostly I’ve been afraid. And you know what Yoda says about fear…

Shirt, vest, and sunglasses: all thrifted
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Nautica
Scarf from my father, which he must have bought in Europe
Boat shoes, Sebago


The more I think that I need time alone, the more that I miss you.


Yes, I’ve always had my sights on forever.


Be that with another person, or – I know I selfish this may sound – through the labyrinths of myself.


But that’s the way things are, and that’s who I am (need I say who you are as well, my dear readers, if only you’d listen).


So it’s a Friday once again, and as my muscles still ache from consecutive nights working out at the gym, I feel tense.


Does happiness really feel so unsure of itself?


Fine, no sense in personification. Time and time again I’ve said that it is in my writing out of myself, and in the living out of my days, that happiness (a byproduct) becomes possible.


So smile. It’s a Friday after all.


I’ll be seeing you once again.


In your arms is another – or the only? – version of myself.


Contrary to what I have said, yes, I need these ramblings to reassure myself. To steady myself as Seifert says. One needs resolve, after all, to love and to be honest.

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