Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Slowness, monotony, and solitude


No, just because I was wearing all-black yesterday did it mean that I was in my usual anti-social mode. As many of you have already noticed, monochrome has become my daily armor.

Cardigan, Muji
Denim shirt, Bossini, thrifted
Jeans, Two Percent
Braided belt, Nautica
Bag, Cambridge Satchel
Shoes, Doc Martens


In a weird way, what I mean by this post’s title, inspired by an Einstein quote (the very few times I have been amazed by its coincidence: “The monotony and solitude of quiet life stimulates the creative mind”), is that I am now happy enough to agree to become stable.


The hard part though, as with with peace time, is to institutionalize the habits that will prevent me from driving myself crazy (not that I have been very helpful in the past).


I find joy in creating an action-packed schedule. It’s just that I am easily distracted and drift away from routine.


I want to do so many things, without sacrificing the one medicine the body and the mind gives us all freely: sleep.


I love you, in all your difference. I love our separate silences.


I look forward to the many things that we will be doing together.


But this will have to do for today. Let me leave you for my coffee. Breathe in. Listen to the sounds of the morning. Happy mid-week, everybody!

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