Saturday, February 1, 2014

Store feature: Archives d'Homme et Femme


It's been ages since I last dropped by Univers at Rockwell or Homme et Femme at Shangri-La Mall. Then I made a random search on my phone, of all places, while pumping iron at the gym. I panicked when I found out that their outlet stores in the Archaeology section of Power Plant Mall had already moved to Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village — a stone's throw away from where I work.


There was a time, a few years ago, when I had four or five jobs at the same time. (Don't ask me how I did it.) The money from one of them would go, almost on a regular basis for some months, to exactly one item I especially coveted from Homme et Femme. It didn't matter if the shirt or pair of jeans were new or on sale. And now this. Give way!


I spy from my designer brand-deprived eye some belts I first met at Univers. (Thank heavens for my small waist line!)


Woven leather bags by Comme des Garçons that come in the size of iPads.


The outlet store has two levels: the women's section and The Curator (coffee and cocktails junkies tucked in one corner) on the ground floor and the men's section on the second. 

The store front looks as if there's always a party inside. (Though I'm sure the people in the fitting rooms are in just the same mood.) In monochrome, these dots are not balloons but Comme des Garçons' polka dots (also under the retail chain).


From the office, all I had to do was walk through an underpass and surface near Greenbelt, then pass through the Washington Sy-Cip Park in front of Gamboa Street. But not before this monolith (marble fin?) stopped me in my tracks. What singular purpose possessed me to immediately drop by the store even before I had the funds (or extra jobs) to satisfy my (materialistic) heart's desire!


It wasn't by accident that I wore this pair of blue leather Jil Sander sneakers on my very first visit (full blue outfit in the next post). It was the last item I bought from Homme et Femme's outlet store in Rockwell. It felt like a reunion.

NB: One of the very helpful staff told me that unlike the outlet stores in Power Plant, merchandise from distant seasons will no longer be sold. Didn't really 'feature' the place and the brands that I really liked because someone might get the pieces I want before me! Hehe...

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