Friday, February 7, 2014

Summer color blocking


Besides the fact that yellow is among my auspicious colors for 2014 and that summer has finally shined this part of the tropics, I really like these yellow painter's I thrifted ages ago. It's just that they're not that easy to wear.


Good thing I also remembered I had this tri-color hoodie from Human. Enough neutrals to counter my overly sunny jeans.

Hoodie, Human
Painter's pants, thrifted
Sneakers, Generic Surplus
Braided belt, Nautica
Backpack, thrifted
Bracelet, Bosquejo


I still love the alternating lightning and polka dot design of this faux leather backpack. Sadly, when I brought it out again, the black started to peel! More on this in another post.


You can say yellow suits my general disposition, and not just the season.


Even if on the other side of the spectrum, I could also gather clouds like cumulonimbus.


It's just that I won't let you see that side of me that often.


Met up with an old friend last night, and she said that I seemed more tranquil. More at peace with the world. Like wood to earth.

Not all of the beads in this Bosquejo are made of trees. Look more closely and you'll see two types of jasper.


I said to her that after all that I've been through, not that much can darken me with worry. Though silently, it's more me listening. Being more attentive to the motions.


Wood on wood on wood. (And gold and fool's gold.)


It's takes more than silence and sun to know true from false.

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