Friday, March 21, 2014

A different kind of crazy


The last few times this denim jacket made an appearance in these pages, I took advantage of the fact that, buttoned, I look like I’m in a straitjacket. 


I bore you with complaints of self-affliction or lack of confidence.


Let’s just say, with a toothy grin on my face, that this time my madness is more fruitful, if not more rewarding.

Denim jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw
Denim shirt, Topman
Denim jeans, A.P.C.
Belt from a market in Italy
Slip-ons, Bally, vintage


At first I found the fit of this jacket strange. Though it was right on the shoulders, it was a bit too long on the arms, and maybe lower than usual around the crotch.


But I simply had to have it. So I had the sleeves chopped off and adjusted.


Sometimes I wear them rolled for contrast.


Here I think it looks okay, worn unbuttoned with tight jeans, almost like a cape.


And did I say tight, well-tailored jeans make you look and feel taller?


So back to what I was saying: this new madness.


Believe it or not, even if I have a public style blog cum diary, I am a very private person.


It takes some effort before I really open up to someone.


I mean, I’ve always said that just because I’ve told you the sequential events of my life, doesn’t mean we’re close.


What I mean by close is that we’re on the same footing. I’ve actually told you what I think and feel about things and events, and not just the facts that surround them.


Opening up to someone, and need I say loving, is sheer madness. It often throws me off-balance.


The uncertainty that other people can introduce in to your life can be unsettling. Not to mention the process of disrobing can be tiring.


So don’t blame me if I don’t always appear or sound peachy.


Exposition can be tricky, and I’m not talking about just showing your bare ankles.


There are times that you’ll need to gather all the articles that you’ve tossed, while buck naked, you return to hide in the shadows. 


To dress up and cover yourself again.


But enough  of this. Healthy relationships are always worth it.


As JV said, it makes work easier. Hardships surmountable. I must agree.


Interestingly, people can either make your days longer or shorter (than they seem). Even Einstein didn’t see that coming.


True, I’ve thrown away my whims and now stand with firmer bearing. But that doesn’t mean of course that there won’t be times that I’ll be thrown, again and again, into the sea. Oh sweet madness!

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