Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back to backpacks


It's been a while since I've bought a new backpack, with my ideal still in durable yet soft buttery leather, and, if possible, in the color tan (light brown). 


If it weren't so darn hot in Manila, I'd always use backpacks to work. Worn with sweaters (pullovers/jumpers), of course, to make the overall look casual yet tasteful.


I only turned to messengers, mailmans, and other forms of shoulder bags since backpacks don't sit well with shirts, slacks, and ties (though I've been over that phase for a long time now), because of resultant creases and how they make one look less professional.


But after more than five years at the same company, I've cared less about appearing formal and more about being comfortable. (Not to mention finding the best way to carry all the stuff I usually lug around in two separate bags.)


Hence slacks with sneakers (though mostly still leather) and espadrilles (only during summer).


I ran to the nearest Team Manila store when I saw this backpack via their Instagram account. The color is near my ideal, no matter if it is only in coated canvas.

Pullover, Gap
Shirt, Ben Sherman
Trousers, Maison Martin Margiela
Backpack, Team Manila
Espadrilles bought from Aldevinco, Davao


Not that I've cared less about clothes (and bags – I'll still be using my other bags, definitely), but more about the work I do, and how I approach my co-workers.


You know, having a more senior role in the team requires that I appear more serious.


Let's just say I've learned my people skills the hard way. (Thank heavens for lax dress codes.)


I've learned, under the umbrella of my main life lesson thus far (letting go), to avoid friction and to let things slide. Like butter.

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