Monday, March 3, 2014

Bare necked with two ladies


I really don’t know how to describe the collar of this navy blue tee, which I think I’ve only worn twice because of how the fabric drapes the body (enough said). What I can explain is this post’s title: this is what I wore last Saturday morning, before I had breakfast with the boyfie and two girl friends. (Read again.)

Tee, C.P. Company
Shorts, Perry Ellis
Boat shoes, Sebago
Bag, Eighty-Ninety, thrifted
Beanie, 5cm


No, I wasn’t about to sneeze here then suddenly wiped the snot from my t-shirt. This is how I look engaged with the usual small talk with my ever-patient photographer, Ate Lalin, who likes candid shots best any time of day. What she did catch is my rush to leave the house, so pardon if I look like a milkmaid with my odd-shaped beanie.


This is as composed as I can get in front of the camera first thing in the morning. During that breakfast, I spilled a glass of water all over one of our lady friends. But that’s all I’m spilling about my not-so-dry weekend.

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