Friday, March 14, 2014

Blue denim and batik


This is what I wore yesterday: drew out an old batik polo shirt I bought in Davao (Aldevinco) years ago and a denim jacket I don’t when I last wore.


The last time I wore this ethnic print to work must have been five years ago. What I love about it are the shapes and the mix of blue, yellow, and (now faded) gold.


As you can see if you clicked the link above, the batik goes well with brown patterns, like water with earth and wood. (The balete branches have finally been bundled, ready to be thrown out.)


I was wearing a beanie in the morning because my hair was in transition again, though I was able to run to the stylist (how I look after the cut) during my break.


Now I can’t believe it’s Friday again, and what a relief! I was barely able to sleep last  night because of the heat (it is near mid-March, after all). It may be time to finally say goodbye to layered mornings.

Batik shirt, bought in Aldevinco, Davao
Denim jacket, Gerani, thrifted
Braided leather belt, A.P.C.
Jeans, Bench
Sneaker, Bass
Beanie, as usual, I forgot


Lush woods, like words, need to be set to fire, to achieve beneficial heat.


Soon it will be time for multiple daily baths (the Filipino way), and I hope, the beach!


Come to think of it, I always look a bit different with a beanie on: a bit more serious, a bit more stern.


Makes me imagine how I would look with longer hair. The stylist cut it yesterday to prepare to copy the style in mode: buzzed at the sides and long on top, but I don’t know about that. I usually, after all these years, just revert that what I am used to.


Old habits die hard, but maybe I am ready for something new (Paolo, is that you?). Time to blaze the woods and clear it for another crop. Who knows what will grow.


By the way, this is the green Bosquejo prototype bracelet I’ll be readjusting for the boyfie (I think you’ve seen it before). Wore it yesterday since it went well with my look. (I really have to spend more time to nurture my small business. Maybe wean myself from daily outfit posts?)

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