Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inside out


Oh, afternoons! Who doesn’t want to bask in the most flattering light the day can offer? For me, it’s always been a dance between light and shadow, the last joyous part of day when possibility still appears limitless. (Translated: when there’s still time to tick off whatever’s left in your To Do list.)


For beer drinkers, when light has exhausted itself and labour has exhausted the worker, it is time to turn to the golden liquid bubbling from an amber bottle.


If only I’d formed the habit! Fortunately, or unfortunately, I still prefer to turn to my coffee.


Afternoons for me (well at least weekend afternoons – these pictures were taken yesterday, Mondays are usually traded for Sunday work), require caffeine doses to pump me up.


Inside-out print shirt, Izzue, thrifted
Shorts, Lee, DIY (cut from jeans)
Belt, Arnold Palmer, thrifted
Sunglasses, thrift find from Chatuchak market
Deck shoes (below), Sebago


Weekend afternoons I turn to my black beverage so I can pay more attention to a novel’s unfolding plot, or in this case, notice the bee that has just decided to drop on my neck.


Or to rack my brain, to stimulate metaphors to bubble to the surface while writing. So I can look at them at length, and from various removes and distances.


If only I can organize all the leaves that have fallen – harder to study under the dappled light. No matter how many hours the cold coffee I drink (this one from Yardstick) has steeped, such matters remain difficult, if not fortuitous.


Yesterday afternoon I spent beside the man I love, re-watching The Devil Wears Prada, which helped him to get out of his apartment, and me to pick out (for the first time) something for him to wear to work last night.


This close-up was Ate Lalin’s idea – sorry for my pores and pock marks. But at least you can better see my summer haircut (cut in such a way to let the top grow out).


The other night, I learned that I really shouldn’t attend drinking sessions because of my temper.


More sober, and after a bit of time and distance, I realized that I really am better left just to my coffee and that I couldn’t do without JV. And that, ladies and gentlemen, wraps up my extended weekend, more or less.

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