Friday, March 28, 2014

My new red espadrilles


Any visit to Davao is not complete without me dropping by Jana’s at Aldevinco shopping center. The past few times I went there, I was able to get pairs in navy blue, black, chocolate brown, and even beige. Each time, they didn’t have red in my size. Until earlier today. (Unlike Dorothy, I feel right at home in the brave bright color.)


So many brands have gone crazy over shoe/sandal/espadrille hybrids. While full rubber sole footwear is more practical in the rainy tropics, they aren’t as comfortable as the half-rubber, half-rope soled pairs made all the way from La Rioja province in Spain. 


If you want the same, just look for these words stamped on the sole: cosido a mano calidad artesania, which, if I'm not mistaken, means “"hand-sewn, quality craftsmanship”. Can’t wait to share with you the other things I bought from the store.

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