Thursday, March 13, 2014

Non-selfie selfies


This is what I wore yesterday, and these against-the-wall shots were taken before rushing for brunch to meet the boyfie.


The first pic and and the ones after this collage are, technically, not selfies. But sometimes, I get tired with the usual smile, and this usual tone of voice. The four snapped above during different parts of the day reflect more closely what I felt at each time (before work, hungry during break, and after gym).

Sweater, Forever 21
Jeans, Topman
Lace-ups, Doc Martens
Black leather bag, Fred Perry
Red tote, Monocle


Even then, the above and below types of self-documentation don’t really capture what I honestly think and feel (expressed more candidly in my poetry). Who knows what I want to project about myself? Or for that matter, what I want to deflect?


In any case, in this half-way page disguised as my menswear blog, I am more certain to get your attention – whatever my agenda. And this morning, writing about this a day after all of these pictures were taken, the currency I want floated on this often clogged medium is this: the knowledge that life is wonderful and magnificent even in the absence of any selfish assertions.

Flowers will bloom, the sun will rise nonetheless. Why not meet life with a smile? Let my words and pictures disappear after you read and look at them. Put down your phone, step away from your screen more often.

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