Wednesday, March 19, 2014



When I moved to Makati more than a decade ago (11 years to be exact), I had no plans to drive from home to work and back.


I could actually walk to the office if it weren’t so darn hot (part of the view on Valero Street, at the back of my office).


Though, of course, sometimes I wish I could drive. You see, I enrolled at driving school twice.


I almost killed someone and squashed a traffic cone. So, at least for now, it would be better for me and the rest of human kind if I commuted. Or walked.


It’s just that I can’t help but entertain each and every thought that plants itself in my mind, even while on the road.


Once I do that, they grow.


Also, I’ve been so used to procrastinating and multi-tasking that whatever last-minute thing I have to do, I do it in the cab (or the van while I was still in school).

Shirt, thrifted
Cardigan, Dean & Trent
Trousers, Trussardi Jeans
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander
Striped socks (below), Uniqlo


Let’s just say I’ve been used to being driven (ie taxis). And if I have the time, and the patience, I also enjoy riding the train, buses, and jeepneys so I can hear people’s stories.


Or how people talk. My form of people watching is held during public commute – when people are most off-guard.


Not to mention impatient, isolated, or just plain lost.


Have I mentioned how I love the stitch pattern on this shirt? Thrifted it from a Japanese goods store. Brand reads: Hardlion, Hard Tokyo. Also like the color and the lightness of the cotton.


Was afraid of getting things too matchy-matchy (blue and blue) so I put in some yellow and purple.


For people who have been asking where I live: yes, I live in the tropics. Only wear jackets and other layers for the cold office. When I get out for lunch and after work, I just tie things up around my waist. Easier if you love walking.

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