Saturday, March 15, 2014

The shaggy truth


The shaggy truth is, whenever I try to have any pictures taken at the front part of our house, Panda, my sister’s dog, will most probably be part of the images. You see the rusty, disentagrating part of the gate? Yup, that’s due to dog piss – Panda’s and his long deceased uncle, Brownie (don’t ask).


But while I wrestle with our territorial disputes, it also seems that my photographer for some months now, Ate Lalin, has grown tired of my face (hehehe). Honestly, it seems harder and harder to ask her to take decent pics. (Well, one couldn’t blame her; these days she’s more interested in capturing leaves and the sky, and of course Panda – forcing other elements into the picture.)


Yesterday morning was no different. You see, mornings (and afternoons and evenings, etc) are Panda’s set times for belly rubs. 


I wasn’t about to shoo him away just so I could take pics for the blog. (At least I have Ate Lalin more interested!)


Even if Panda and I don’t always agree on things.


The shaggy truth is I really like what I wore yesterday, and really hoped that both Panda and Ate Lalin cooperated.


Alas, you get what you get. And a photographer’s job is really just to document.


Here is Panda slowly easing his way into his belly rub.


Long-sleeved t-shirt, G200
Sheer tee, Oxygen
Fisherman’s pants from Aldevinco, Davao
Crocheted sandals, thrifted


You see my frustration.


Anyway, it’s a Saturday again! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the weekend.


Even if shaggier truths – my inability to manage my time, my loss of focus – are always brushing against my side, it’s the weekend, so I’ll let things slide.

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