Friday, March 28, 2014

Wild orchid


No, I’m not referring to the 1989 erotic film starring Mickey Rourke, which as a kid in elementary I heard discussed by my curious classmates. (I thought of it then as raunchy as porn could get, until I knew better.) What I’m referring to are the tie-dyed sunbursts on these new fisherman’s pants that I just purchased from Aldevinco.


I’ve always had a distaste for anything colorful and tie-dyed, having the impression that such clothing was just for kids. Or for people on the beach who thought that the sand and the heat gave them license to be lazy at dressing up. Or for misguided tourists, or even hippies.


Until I found two pairs that were neither loud nor boring.


This is probably my fourth pair of fisherman’s pants – the only one that isn’t monochromatic (the others in black and shades of blue and green). I like them because they allow me to walk with my own breeze.


Doesn’t this pattern remind you of the inside of oranges? Of insects, of anything that has more than four legs?


I love how the bright colors are lulled by the duller hues, allowing easier matching with neutral tops.

Polo shirt, Workshop
Fisherman’s pants from Aldevinco, Davao
Crocheted sandals (below), thrifted


I like colors because of the challenge I get in controlling them, in letting each one matter and stand out.


Of course, it’s also because they reflect my own happiness (and other moods). 

Earnestness? What word shall we use to describe the emotion you get when, going home from a tiring day at work, you are excitedly greeted by your pet dog? In this case, Amber, my cousins’ cheerful labrador. (Not that I came from work earlier today – let’s just say.)


When I build my own house (JV insists there must be a yard), I want a labrador or retriever as a pet.


They just seem to burst with energy, and I rarely see Amber tired.


Not to mention not “smiling”.


In the future grassy yard of my/our future house, I/we (meaning JV and I) would play, nay, wrestle with our restless friend. Run, play fetch.


On the left is the second pair I bought (both are folded in half). At first I thought to keep the one on the right and bring the one on the left home for JV. But then, we all know he’s taller (lol, my bad).


Not that I like the pattern of the second pair of tie-dyed fisherman’s pants less. It’s groovy, fun, and psychedelic, and I mean it with no sarcasm or irony.


The sunbursts literally remind me of supernovas, or things that glow in the dark. Or creatures that live near the bottom of the ocean. Or ghosts, or bubblegum, or beetles (Beetlejuice!). The pattern reminds me less of fruits and more of ectoplasm (and exoskeletons).


I don’t mind getting either. I like both pairs equally. (Maybe wearing the one on the left would be more challenging for me.)


But as differences in wildness and earnestness go, what matters more is that they (we) work together. Just imagine, we would have all the colors and (luminous) gradations between us. Come to think of it, the two pairs look better together. As one!

Photographs taken by Lea Celestial, Arlene Aledia (non-relation), and by me

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