Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blonde moments


No, I am not referring to that short period when I was brave/foolish enough to dye my hair (ash) blonde (tagged: Dyeing for a change). I am referring to the quieter moments in my life, which, from the point of view of an outsider, would seem rather bland. Or neutral. Or beige.


I guess I only rode that hair coloring trend because I was bored, or impatient with what I was doing/what I was waiting to really do.

Shirt from Ritual
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Belt from an Italian market
Lace-ups, Next, thrifted
Scarf, United Colors of Benetton


It seemed easy (still seems easy) to satisfy myself with the attention I was getting. Fickle as it is, fashion can only claim itself progressive with successive, meaningless change.


But as with everything on these pages, things are only meant to express what I mean through tangents. I am still waiting, still aiming, still shooting (mostly off-page).


Hence, I may sound half-interested, but trust me, I am always dead serious. My words may fall like useless pebbles in deep water, but I prefer to see them as thread in a web I am weaving. I need the peace of blonde/bland moments to see and decide on the tapestry I want to finish.

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