Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gray matters


Meant to post this yesterday (Friday), but I got so worked up researching (and subsequently writing) about a series of seemingly harmless pictures of the backside of a Makati building, namely Insular Life. (See Draft of Shadows)

But before I lose you to my architectural and history-based rambling, just wanted to show you what I wore to work yesterday morning.


I think this is the first time (if I’m not mistaken) I’ve had clear 360-degree pictures of the oversize striped/plain t-shirt I bought from Don Protasio, a Filipino designer based in Cambodia.


I love the light cotton and design (you’ll see the t-shirt’s back in a bit), though being a shortie, I’m not too confident about wearing tops bigger than my usual size.


Can you see how the scarf gives the illusion that I am taller?

T-shirt, Don Protasio
Jeans, Two Percent
Sandals, Kickers, thrifted
Belt from Divisoria
Shirt worn as jacket (below), Esprit
Scarf, thrifted (I think, not sure)


Pardon the creases. I love how the two stripe patterns alternate. Given that I want my hands free and articles of clothing, I tie what is not of immediate use around my waist. (Like a ninja!)


Though I bought this pair a long time ago, woven leather done in a nice way (thicker strips for menswear), always has a place in my sartorial heart.


Yesterday morning, I wasn’t sure which article (scarf or shirt worn as jacket) I would bring for the cold of the office. I think this thickish shirt is made of a cotton-polyester blend. (Its thickness lends it shape that gives me license to wear it as a jacket.)


Here worn like an apron around my waist. (I know: bad posture.)


Not sure what the arm pocket is for (never used it), but it won’t be hard imagining a lighter piece with two more pockets as a safari jacket.


Less creases! (And time for another haircut.) The yellowish stripes remind me of pad paper.


About the title, “gray matters”: ah, now you can read about my musings on my visual diary. My point is, no matter how hard I try to remain boring and neutral (gray, beige, etc), things always unfold themselves to me in stark black and white.


Like the shadows of leaves, and skin between the gaps of woven leather, things only seem vague from afar. Up close, they are crisp.

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