Sunday, April 27, 2014

Green eggs


Besides also being a blogger, loving good food whenever I can enjoy it, and dreaming of someday learning how to cook, the movie Julie & Julia never fails to strike a chord because I too hope to actually finish something that I set out to do.


Not that the things or tasks I’ve been doing and fulfilling since university and since I started to work really have a clear-cut ending.


If only it were as simple as finishing a book of recipes!


I suppose confusion and the illusion of scattered quests are what you get for being such a good jack-of-all-trades.


As illogical as it may seem, I would rather see it as putting all my eggs in one basket. Or bucket hat and beanie in this instance.


Mind you, this perspective is not after-the-fact; time and time again coincidences remind me of a greater, be it long-winded, plan.


It has been more than a decade since I finished university and as my former classmates already have much to show for their professed dreams, things have only started to make themselves clear to me.


Jacket, Dépèche, thrifted
Shirt, Diesel
Jeans, Armani Exchange
Sneakers, Bass
Braided belt, A.P.C.
Beanie: I forgot (really!)
Boat hat, Bossini


No matter how painfully the laying of each egg has been.


Though I am more in need of mature avocados than greasy eggs for the purpose of iced candy, am sure by this part of the text you have forgiven the metaphorical deception.


By the sheer difficulty of their laying, these eggs should have been golden!


Am sure you understand the necessity of speaking about fruit in the same breath as progeny.


Or in borrowing images from feathered fowl.


I need all eggs to hatch in one nest so I can hear them sing in chorus.


Any chef will tell you that even the sequencing of the serving of dishes from appetizer to dessert requires the utmost timing and precision.


Weilala leia. Wallala leialala. Shantih shanti Damyata.

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