Thursday, April 3, 2014

Making a statement


No better way to get over vacation hangover than to dress up. So, inspired by the boyfie, I put on a tie yesterday.

Shirt, Zara
Tie and trousers, thrifted
Belt, A.P.C.
Lace-ups, Doc Martens


As expected, I was asked at work why I was so dressed up.


The usual question being: do you have a job interview today?


I was even called “sir” by one of my colleagues.


Then I realized how effective the experiments conducted by Fantastic Man magazine were: people only notice what you’re wearing if you deviate from your own set routine.


I mean, if I wore ties every day, then suddenly didn’t wear one, I’m sure I’d get the same reaction. Now I’m thinking of trying my own little experiments…


Now you understand my comment about backpacks and dress shirts: shoulder bags really do avoid making more creases. (Cap for the summer sun. Good that it matches!)

Cap with removable crown, Armani Exchange
Bag, Fred Perry


I rarely wear this shirt since I had the cuff buttons removed. Wore it once with a tuxedo and cuff links.


Pardon the sweaty face. It really is harder to dress up in the summer season.


But in the tropics, there are more ways to deviate from routine while still staying presentable. Say, by using fabrics to make a statement…

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