Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Movie run


This is what I wore on Monday night, when JV and I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He was expecting a lot, so he was disappointed. I wasn’t expecting that much, so it was okay.
I mean, there wasn’t really anything new explored: the themes of global fear, conspiracy, betrayal just seemed mashed together. All in all, it was just a movie to get over with for audiences to proceed to the next development in Marvel’s Avengers/mutant cinema franchise.

T-shirt, Gap
Jeans, Armani Exchange
Sandals, thrifted
Shoulder bag from Aldevinco


The tie-dyed pants I got for the boyfie was more colorful than the plot. (I think he liked the pair more than the movie, honestly speaking.)


It was late in the day (Tuesday) that I realized the date. Thought of posting something false for April Fools. Or something cheesy about Fools for Love.


But, as regular readers may note, I’ve never followed the flock. The truth in itself is difficult enough to deal with, what more kiddie pranks. (Not that, as JV will tell you, I don’t have a sense of humor.)
Doesn’t JV look dashing? Now that’s definitely not a lie.


Sure, I admit that I may take things too seriously. But in my defence, I’m always as objective as I can get – like saying that soldiers and any form of weaponry have always existed to serve the interests of the few. (Recall Divergent.) Nothing new.


Or I can also mention that it may not be an accident that the bronze statues surrounding Greenbelt’s chapel and its chapel moat are in the form of crocodiles (capitalists, landowners, the clergy) and carabaos (workers and windowshoppers). But of course, that fact may only be coincidental with the movie.


My point is, let’s not be ignorant of the details of our daily lives.


Lovers will tell you that, as will secret agents and corporate micromanagers.


Choosing to love and to be discerning is not foolish, even if some will tell you that the two are incompatible.


Fear will always be present for those who are hopeful and vulnerable. The wise do not run away from it. Ask any superhero.

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