Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mykita meets Maison Martin Margiela


Of the many fashion collaborations that have come and gone, this particular tie-up between German eyewear maker Mykita and the house that was once directed by Belgian designer Martin Margiela appears interesting. 

I haven't really paid much attention to Maison Martin Margiela after the departure of its eponymous founder. Admittedly, I didn't think that such an aesthetic could survive that long in one of the most competitive global industries. Given continuous growth as a main impetus. Or maybe it could, who knows? (We never really could. We can only guess that Margiela himself got tired of it all before we did.)


Maison Martin Margiela Los Angeles

That aside, I have also for a long time noticed the minimalism and apparent design simplicity behind Mykita, which, in contrast to Maison Martin Margiela, appears more practical and democratic as a brand. Remember Margiela's cyborg sunnies (in concept: censorship) that fashionastas went crazy over? Well, they've long grown tired of them. This colaboration may be Renzo Rosso's way of relaunching Maison Martin Margiela eyewear, further diluting the brand, but of course, ensuring more sales. 


But let's hold our breath until the Essential and Dual eyewear lines come out. Who knows, I may even like them. Then we can all pop the champagne and toast to constructive partnership. Until then, I wonder what the man behind the name is doing.

MYKITA + Maison Martin Margiela from MYKITA on Vimeo

Read more about the Mykita x Maison Martin Margiela eyewear collaboration on Mykita's blog

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