Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Off my high horse


Or in this case, a short household ladder. This is what I wore last Monday, when I was rushing off to work – I was late (so what else is new?).


So this is just a short note on both the apparent lack of comments on these pages and my apparent inability to gush.


Which is not entirely true: I can be really shallow at times. But yes, only because I choose to. Still, sincere is the adjective I would prefer to use.


Because I do not take time to explain or expound on my thoughts – believe me, I have tried before, only to have friends or family walk away depressed or more frustrated than before I approached them – people see me as unapproachable, or heaven forbid: snooty.


Though again, sometimes I really choose to. I can’t help it when I want my thoughts or sentiments to come out more concise. (The last thing I want to be on a menswear style diary is academic.)


Blame also my tendency to rhyme – makes said concise thoughts sound simpler. Though sometimes I don’t want to explain because I don’t want to divulge anything that personal, to risk these lines sounding like gossip.

Jacket, Muji
Shirt, SM Surplus
Jeans, Levi’s
Shoes, Sebago
Belt from Italy


Not that, as is, many of these posts aren't already deeply personal. Verging on the idiomatic airing out of dirty laundry.


If you can decipher which article of clothing is which. Though I secretly hope that those that actually read these entries are somehow rewarded or gratified by the seemingly rarefied prose.


In the end (because I really am at the end of this post), I make no effort to get off my high horse because there is always not enough time for digression, and I would rather gallop away to chase each fading sunset.

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