Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mr Freaky Face


I had mentioned before that two weekends ago, I was able to revisit a Japanese goods thrift store. Well here is my stash of rice cups and bowls, tea cups and pots, and one vase that looks like folded-over paper. (Of course I am just assuming the uses of these pieces of housewares.)

In my effort to appear less serious than I really am (though I can be that shallow), I have arranged the top view of the pieces into faces, and have put them on magazines and books so you can see how they look from the side. This first arrangement reminds me of an amphibian, or maybe a reptile. A mischievous lizard or salamander?


I love the colors and the lines and the patterns. I had no idea when I opened the cupboards at the store that I’d love them so much.


Do any of the faces remind you of your relatives? Your fat cat of an uncle, maybe, or your starving artist cousin?


The blue striped one on the left, I think, could be used for sugar, the green one on the right for tea. Both with alternating earthen colors that do not hide their provenance.


I have let the vase stand up and lie on its side, so you can see its shape. Almost like origami, no? Does this pair look like your parents after you’ve told them something you shouldn’t have done in school?


And yes, one couldn’t have enough of flowers.


These white, mesmerized-eyed pieces could either be for tea or sauce. But I’d say sauce, since they may be too shallow for a drink. Yes, I know. He reminds you of your buzzed elder brother.


Dunno when I’ll be back at the store. Maybe when I have more need for bowls and tea cups, which I might also use as containers for knickknacks. Not that the stash was expensive. All the pieces were got for just a little over P800.

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Anonymous said...

With your eye for detail, you should be working in design. Interior or merchandising. You'd be perfect!