Monday, July 28, 2014

A short story about my Tissot


So this is the simple steel watch I’ve been wearing since 1999 since I picked it out myself in Lucerne, Switzerland. (Though I've never really known what the model is called.)


Nothing fancy, though when I do manage to rake it in, I’m sure I’ll get myself a proper automatic. But even then I’ll be keeping this timepiece because I still love how it looks, still appreciate how it continues to serve me, and of course, for sentimental value.


Needless to say, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been together longer than any of the romantic relationships I’ve been involved with. 


Though I haven’t exactly taken care of it as I should have – I swam with it in the beach and its internal mechanism had to be replaced – it loves me back as much as it could.


What I first loved about it when I first saw it displayed at the window of a tiny shop in the Swiss canton was its thin white face and long, somewhat elongated Roman numerals. Then its slinky steel strap.


At first my dad, who bought it for me, thought it was hideous. Then after about a year or two of me wearing it, he was won over by its simple charm.


Though I don’t use it anymore in the beach to swim in (maybe I will with my automatic purchase), I use it at the gym – which may not be proper or the best of ideas. I know. But I’m somehow allergic to rubber strap and wrist gets itchy in the middle of weight training. But let’s talk about that another time. 

By the way, these pictures were taken after the typhoon Rammasun left and we still didn’t have power at home. End of short ramble.

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