Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And it was all yellow


Hello bright and cheerful color! If only the hue loved me as enthusiastically, I would use it more often. I mean, in terms of coloring, I’ve always been a black, red, white, blue, and neutrals sort of guy.


Flashback to the end of January and the Chinese new year. My Chinese horoscope indicated that this year my lucky colors would be gold, yellow, and brown.


So pardon my playing dress up. With the heat outside!


But I guess it was a good thing that I got these mustard-colored skinnies. I’ve always had a difficult time wearing my similarly colored boots (made me look shorter than I already am).


As you know, this is the season to be practical (when it rains). Suede be damned!


Errr, why do I look like I was being interviewed here?


Jolly as I may be, and as depressing is highly unbecoming, the color yellow just refuses to be friendly.


Black is easy. And so is red. Death and anger and fire. Aries and Hades. Solitude and the abyss.


No, I didn’t go to Poveda in high school!


The color yellow just refuses to be weighed down. Though it can be reckless and sacrificial, as canaries in an unexplored mine.


Why do I look like Panda here?


Shirt, Paul Smith
Skinny jeans, Bershka
Boots, Couber G, thrifted
Sweater, Bossini
Socks, Bossini (I think)
Watch, Tissot
Beanie, eanie meanie I don’t know


Lighten up! Hope you have a light-hearted Tuesday!

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