Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blazer and boots


There was a time when I eagerly wore ties and vests to work, even when the company’s country manager was less formally dressed. It was mostly done to explore ensembles for this blog, and to show (to those who noticed) that one doesn’t need to wait for Philippine Fashion Week to wear something that both satisfies one’s need for self-expression and the practical requirements of living in tropical Manila, where the weather can be pleasantly cool (read: not blazingly warm with the occasional breeze and light rain) one moment and unbearably warm and humid the next (read: single layers and mostly cotton; or a ban on leather jackets, fleece, heavy wool, and other fabrics and skins not suitable for outdoor temperature).


Sure, I have used office airconditioner regulations as an excuse to wear jackets, but I don’t live in front of my desk or get chauffeured around in a vehicle. Even if I were, I like walking, if not just to clear my mind and stretch my legs, but also to be among people. Quiet and anonymous in a crowd. 

Though, of course, I would have loved to have had a job that required me to wear suits every day. That would have been a greater challenge style and practicality-wise. Also more excuse to let loose my sharp tongue (with my sharp suits), while practising corporate/diplomatic tact.


My current options have helped me appreciate the benefits and the beauty of a non-club blazer (here worn with jeans and boots – items that keep me grounded), something that you can just fling on when the need arises, and hopefully not just left sadly on a swivel chair.

Needless to say, I have yet to find an ideal very very lightweight blazer that I don’t have to take off even as I take off after work. Partnered, of course, with an equally lightweight shirt. Don't you just love personal projects?

Blazer, Fred Perry
Pleated shirt, Zara
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Izzue
Boots, Timberland, thrifted

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