Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue Monday hangover


No, sorry, I don’t have a hangover because I stayed up late or am still drunk (and happy/devastated) after watching the World Cup finals. My concerns are more chromatic, and less traumatic.


This is what I wore from two Fridays ago. Something that I didn’t think worthy of posting, but what the heck. Let Monday be my excuse for looking dishevelled.


As I said before, a new room is being constructed in our backyard. Behind me are the raw walls and am standing on the gravel for filling. Not feelings! 


Let this be my last post from my current blue period.


Jacket, Topman 
Long-sleeved t-shirt, G2000
Shirt-sleeved t-shirt (worn on top), C.P. Company
Jeans, Two Percent
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Umbrella, Muji


If you may remember, last Friday was the first time it rained hard this rainy season in Manila.


Hopefully by writing this I can dispel whatever gloom that loomed heavily during my latest prolonged absence. May we have a happy, sunny Monday!

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