Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bright new dawn


I know the title sounds melodramatic, but I can’t help being ecstatic – I mean the lights just returned to our house two hours ago. Before the battery on my phone died yesterday, my heart sank looking at all the damage Rammasun wreaked on our countrymen.


So many of the posts were headlined “After the storm”. I prefer to wake up looking ahead. Of course, being realistic by starting with getting an objective assessment of what has been wrecked.


Then and only then can we, tirelessly – time and time again, set out a detailed plan on what needs to be done. Even if it has to be step by step.


Otherwise, it would have been so easy to sink into depression. To stay lying on the ground like the fallen trees scattered across the metropolis.


Oh the acacias and their shade! Many memories of my wanderings were documented under dappled shadows along avenues such as Buendia. But such is life; we need to cut off or uproot what cannot be salvaged. No other time to plant again than today.


No better moment than to start walking again than now.


Of course, it would be foolish not to set into place safeguards that would avoid future mishaps. You know what I mean when it comes to disaster relief. In my small, and perhaps relatively insignificant range of problems: these would mean always having my gadgets fully charged. As for our house: check potential leaks in advance!


Linen shirt, Crocodile
Trousers, Gas
Belt from an Italian market
Tasseled shoes, Dr Martens
Jacket, Dépèche Mode, thrifted
Beanie, I hope the winds return my memory


Have I already told you just how much I love this shade of tan? Really can’t recall either the last time I wore tasseled loafers. Must be in my childhood. Because I recall clicking them like a bell.


So. That should be all for now. As I said, lots of work needs to be done, now that the lights are back.


See you when I see you. Hope we all learned our lessons.


Happy forward-looking throwback Thursday, everyone!

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