Saturday, July 12, 2014

Checkereds and florals


So I’ve finally come out of my cave and checked out the Spring 2014 sales at the nearby commercial center. And what do I see besides Hawaiian prints with hibiscus, giant palm fronds, and pelicans? Naked women, of course.


Am not joking. See for yourself on my Instagram snap, avocado dessert buyer’s own. Wasn’t surprised that much of the surfer-inspired prints on jackets, shorts, jeans, and shirts have already been swept off by eager buyers. Though I didn’t expect the racy red women on leaves. Now you now how I navigate sales.


Interesting that as I flew like a bee, attracted by colors and red-letter signs plastered on windows, I noticed that what I would usually grab from the racks (lest some other eager buyer run off with them off to the counter), suddenly had no appeal for me: the usual stripes, the preppy checks, the blues and grays and blacks.


I guess it was my subconscious reminding me that I already had enough of such stuff in my closet. And all along I thought I would be the type to ascribe to a look or a uniform as I grew older. I guess I just grew bored.


Mind you, years and years ago, I wouldn’t think I’d even like floral-printed jeans (there’s just too much loud print!)


But here I was wearing my flood-DIY tie-dyed jeans (read: flood water did the work, not me) to work and to the stores right after. Matched with floral printed sneakers to boot!


Of course, I toned the prints down with so much blue. And a brown beanie! But still, something is amiss.


Should I consult the contours on my jeans? Submit them to Mr. Rorschach?


Will I grow up (not that I’m fully grown already) to look like a misguided tourist? Or worse, a devil-may-care andropausal animal? Nah! I think it’s just time that all the shapes of my personality came out to join the patterns: like a grid of longitudes and latitudes over an ever-changing topography. At least we've outgrown Pangea!

Jacket, Iñigo Jones, thrifted
Shirt, Biem, thrifted
Jeans, Guess, DIY
Sneakers, Convers, thrifted
Socks, Uniqlo
Beanie, I forgot (really!)

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