Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Freshly squeezed


It is early morning, Wednesday. As I’m writing this, the typhoon Glenda (international name: Rammasun) has touched down the Southern Tagalog, which borders Metro Manila and includes the capital’s suburbs. 

Probably before I finish this post Rammasun would have hit full-gale outside my bedroom window. Couldn’t sleep because of the noise outside. Soon the winds will be carrying more rainfall. An hour or two ago there were only faint sounds of window hinges and loose objects. Now I’m half-expecting cats. 

Preview of another look below:



Of course, my title is hopeful: after writing this and sleeping again for a few hours, I will wake up to at least semi-clear morning sun. 


Then I will sit down to breakfast swimming up my still-moist dreams to face my plate and what’s served.


Amazing that I can hear birds singing through the rain. The songs seem almost  as racy as the naked women barely hidden behind my leafy-patterned tee. Indecent amidst the worry of people, who like me, are worried about the impending floods and possible (knock on wood) accidents.


Of course, many are sound asleep. Their gadgets and powerbanks fully charged and still plugged. Ever the boy scout.


It is officially the middle of the week. That’s why this page deserves a look at last weekend as a way of anticipating the next.


T-shirt, Bershka
Cargo shorts, Lee
Jacket, Sisley
Boots, Couber G, thrifted
Backpack, Team Manila
Belt, barely seen, A.P.C.
Beanie, nope still don’t remember
Watch, Tissot


Oh but to dream! I am half in, half about to fall asleep. With my single-cup coffee’s caffeine fading.


As I mentioned before, the reason why I liked this print – among all the typical Hawaiian prints – was because of the lovely ladies.


After lunch last Saturday, not to mention after window browsing, I went home to do some work then changed to jeans.


I am sitting on the steel ladder that once led to our backyard’s water tank. The don’t remember where the frames came from. A mix of leaves and sand and gravel as I now yawn.


Now, though yellow may not be so agreeable, orange, tan, ochre, and rust – shaded by green – are nearer my territory.


Which is brown. Brother to gray, as ash is sister to soil.


Sandals, Marlboro Classics
Printed pajama top used as jacket, tied to waist, thrifted


Sweet dreams! May the rest of today begin with songs sung through lemon and honey. 

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