Friday, July 25, 2014

Gray grannie


With my love of cardigans, cable knit, and pullovers, I might as well smoke a pipe and pile the vinyl on a turntable – though hipsters have taken over that area.


It doesn’t help that I have an old soul, snap on people with my opinions, and in this case, wear a shawl like a cape.


Shawl, bought in Kalinga Apayaw, Cordillera
Shirt, Dunhill, thrifted
Trousers, Muji
Leather sneakers, Gucci, thrifted
Belt (barely seen), A.P.C.
Cardigan (tied), Kosugi, thrifted


The week has finally decided to slow down. Heaving, I see the comfort of the weekend in the horizon. Just this busy Friday to get over with.


Told you I could be cranky. (It’s true what a friend and classmate said before that I was never a teenager.)


But, as much as I’d like to curl up in bed with my books and magazines for the next two days, I have work on Sunday for my day job and need to work on more accessories. Hopefully I could squeeze a line or two to get my poetry going.

As you see, work is the secret to my longevity.

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